#005 Thoughtful Thursday – You are okay!

“you owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people”  – unknown                                                                       

That empty feeling inside you is going to get better, that heart you feel pumping hard will get better, those tears that are rushing through your cheeks will be wiped away.
you will be fine.

you will feel frustrated, agitated and broken.

you will feel lost, less and anxious.

but know,its timely.

you will be okay. 

you feel stuck, you feel false , you feel untouched.

you feel and feel and feel no more. 

you stare back at the mirror in the middle of the night. you focus and yet you feel the blur of your life.

you try and try to focus hard. you fail and fall apart. 

you think this is the end. you think there is no need to breathe anymore.

you think and think and think and then you stop.

your mind is still empty yet filled with absurd thoughts of failure.

you feel nothing. and want nothing forever.


stop! right there.

fight back.

you are not alone in this. your pain is the pain in solidarity. 

fight back the enemy and crush it hard so it stands no more. 

you will be better. 

its okay to feel your heart racing. its okay to feel your breath loosing its grip. its okay to not feel okay.

you are okay.

just not alright for a while.

close your eyes. feel your breath. let the tears fall. let yourself scream. let yourself feel the pain. let yourself be you for a while;

and then forever.

hold yourself and love yourself.

be the version of yourself that you love and want to be. 

i know it doesn’t feel okay today. but you will feel better tomorrow. 

you will feel you tomorrow. if you let yourself be.

you believe and you become.

¬©Rimsha Jairajpuri         


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