#004 Thoughtful Thursday – fear of failure

” doubt kills more dreams that failure ever will ”  – Karim Seddiki

  we all know how hard it is achieve what we have dreamed of. The stack of dreams are piling up ever since the time we decided we want them to come true. 

The time when we saw our elders and wanted to be like them. The time when we saw our teachers and wanted to be like them. The time we hid our tooth under our pillow wishing for a tooth fairy to grant our wishes. The time when we were so fascinated by the idea of Santa Claus  that we actually held our stockings hanging overnight on a Christmas Eve. 

To the time in the past and the time that is now. We have kept dreaming, kept wishing of getting just one more thing fulfilled, one more pie till our stomach speaks no more. 

We have always wanted something. But then in time between wishing and getting things done. We grew up. 

And our wishes came with rules , the obligation, the permission. And then there was this fear , laughing right back at you. Not letting you move on with another step. 

And just like that, the stack of failure increased. The stack of dream remained and reduced. 

Our dreams became doubtful. Our wishes became unusual. And we became uncertain of our future. 

And in the middle of all this mess, we never realised that we lost our purpose. 

The purpose of our dreams and our wishes was not to predict the future before it occurs. 

The purpose was to conquer the idea of failure and making an effort for our dreams to make way. 

So let the curtains of doubt rise for the fear of failure to finally depart, so that you can make way for the future

©Rimsha Jairajpuri

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  1. I am scared to dream again. For I know my dreams are in vain. But then I still dream unconsciously…it’s a habit, I know I will be disappointed but dreaming gives me hope. And I am alive for hope.

  2. with dreams comes expectations and expectations brings disappointment always(atleast in my case)….although the conscious mind keep negating them but the unconscious mind keeps inviting them and somehow the whole mind starts dreaming and hoping

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