#006 Thoughtful Thursday – being quite or being blind

I was quite but I was not blind ” –

 Jane Austen

Nowadays, we are always asked to meet people, greet people and try to be in touch with them. In a cliched term, “be social”

And once you put your heart and mind to work towards putting an effort in the same. You are always told ‘ speak ‘. How do you enjoy being quite ?

I have been told this a countless times and its still on. Of course I have changed so it is not much because I try to speak my opinion now. Or at least try. 

But the thing is – saying it is a different thing , doing is another thing what so ever. 

And if you anything like me , who prefers me time over other things, who panic before going out with friends, no matter how your other side of the ends wants you to go but the other half is dead still. 

Going out , saying things out loud isn’t easy. And if it’s bothering you this much that you feel pressured – thinking why I am not like others, why can’t I speak my mind etc etc. 

Stop right there ! It is better to do things than to self pity.

I don’t want you to restrict yourself in constantly thinking to speak up. But what you can do is assess yourself and how you are treated by others. Deeply. This will take a lot of thinking. A lot. And maybe a guide or your personal thoughts diary in which you write daily – how you feel and why you feel that particular emotion. 

Because when you start assessing what you didn’t earlier; which is not how lazy you are or how worthless you feel. 

But instead take note on how you react on certain behaviour and what you should take care. 

Because I can say from personal experience that once you try to get note of how you are treated – good or bad , once you get a clear picture of how you want to be treated. 

You will know the difference between being quite for no reason and being quite for a reason. 

So, open your eyes wide and look deeper into reality of being. 

©Rimsha Jairajpuri

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