#007 Thoughtful Thursday – what’s done is done!

” you can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending ” – C.S. Lewis


remember when we use to play Mario and failed a ton of time only to restart that game. and then we used cheat codes to get through in various other games. 

We always wanted that perfect start which can lead to an even perfect ending. 

And then there is this annoyance in our head because we start over and over again.  

But why don’t we ask ourselves today that why do we always crave for a perfect beginning. Just everything to be proper. Why. 

why aren’t we allowed to make mistakes in our mind with ourselves for ourselves. why do we always underestimate our mistakes.

we have come this far with a sack full of experience. The experience to fall when we first started walking. And then to fall off on the ground because we were chasing our way home. And then when we were trying to be know it all and held our first knife to cut apples. 

The time when the tea spill over the stove. The time when you knew nothing that teacher was teaching. That time we failed because we were too distracted to study. The time when we left our water tap running while brushing. 

We have made tons of mistakes and most of them on our very first attempt. And we have learned so much through them.

Wonder, if we never made mistakes ? Would we have been similar to what we are now? 

I don’t think so. 

We are humans, we are made to make mistakes. We are made to fail our beginning so that we can have an ending we dream of. 

All the hurdles and life experiences are a part of us. And we should be grateful for sharing a part with them. 

One look at what happened can change you. We do not have to be in the past to change our future. We need to accept that we are going to have some bad days with mistakes which will teach us a ton. 

But all we have to do is just glance at the past so that you can sense the change and feel how your life was altered by that simple small thing. And embrace it to try and make your ending better. And your present worth living. 

©Rimsha Jairajpuri

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