#008 Thoughtful Thursday – live in the moment.

” I remained to much inside my head and ended up losing my mind ” – Edgar Allan Poe

my friend came over to my place a few days back and we ended up sharing all the struggles and life things. 

And one of the major part of our conversation was how stressful and insane we feel. And it is not just us but majority of people around us  that feel the same. 

We talked and talked and talked until we realised that somewhere down the line the problem is we think too much. 

We think not only what we feel but also what is going to happen every single second of our lives. 

And with these bit dreams and thoughts we never get hold of how our thinking got converted into overthinking. 

We sat down to introspect what we need to now only to get up with a bucket full of thoughts – planning our unseen future. 

The question is why do we dwell too much on things which are not a part of us now, the things which are not with us now, the things that we dream of happening with perfection?

Our present is what we are and our past is what we use to be. And our future is unseen and might never arrive in same form. We will always have the memories of yesterday and need to be alive in today. 

So why are we so concerned about the things that have not made a place in this universe as of yet ?

Why can’t we just breath the air and feel the quite and be grateful that we are alive in this moment with a peaceful smile?

The problem is our race against time to know everything beforehand. This is not going to make you better. It is going to ruin you within. 

Let past be our guiding light to make our present worth living. The future does not exist. You do. 

©Rimsha Jairajpuri

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