Let’s kill frustration together! 

It is no secret that half of the living population is stressed and feel a need to burst out in anger and tears once in a while.
And as they say, it has no age bar. It lives with all of us. Frustration.

I may be stressed about something which is inside me, crawling through my veins but I may not know the reason.

It’s annoying. No hiding from this truth, is’nt it ?

Things that I do when I feel the stress level flowing out of my control in the shape of anger. It helps me holding it back from destroying or hurting something or someone, which is terrifying if it happens.

 ( I hope it helps

1. “Sit down and take three deep breaths” –  I say this all the time to my friends and my mother whenever she freaks out. And I do it almost all the time. I sit down, close my eyes and try to relax. It helps.

2. Clench your fist and resistThis may not be the best advise but I do it. And it restricted me to throw things away, which is worse.

3. Sit down and drink water – I try to distract my mind. So, I sit down with a glass of water and try to drink it slowly.

4. I cryThis may sound stupid but it’s the most helpful advice I can give. Whenever I feel frustrated , I have this urge to cry. As that frustration was actually breaking me from the inside. And I let it out sometimes. Not in front of anyone of course. I go to my balcony or washroom.

5. Go to an open space around nature and meditate –  I do this whenever I can. I run upstairs to my terrace and sit alone for a while. It rest my mind and give a bit of peace for sure.

These are some tips that I perform. I know everyone has a different way of dealing with it. 


Share your way of dealing with it in the comments section below. Maybe we all can find something useful from one another. 

I’m rooting for all of you. 

Stay happy! 😘

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