#009 Thoughtful Thursday – you made it till the very end 

“and here you are living despite it all ” 

– Rupi kaur 
It is nearing the end of yet another year. It feels surreal. But you made it.  

Despite of all the hardship , struggle, pain , grief, loss alongside laughter, happiness and success. 

You made it till the very end. 

Congratulate yourself. Not everyone comes out alive this far and as sane as one feels. 

You have won over all your fear and insecurities to reach this far. Appreciate it. 

You have survived all the tension that surrounded you. 

You have passed all the hurdles and fought back each insecurities everyday to live another day. 


I know future seems uncertain and hard enough to live again. But look back to how you have survived until now. And you will pass it well again. 

Recollect all your happy moments and feel yourself re-living them once again as you part away with this year. 2017

Even if you did not achieved what you wished for this year, believe the biggest achievement is surviving each and every day of this life – a struggle. 

Once again, thank you God for all the beauties bestowed upon you. Be grateful of all the people you have near you. 

Be grateful for every breath you take because you are worth it. 

I hope you stay strong in 2018 – as it welcomes you. 😊

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