012 Thoughtful Thursday – when the time is right for you. 

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” – Dalai Lama

We think of so many things that we don’t get. We wish for so many things that we don’t fulfill. We do the things which are needed to perform well in society. We do it because we have to. And more likely, not because we want to. 

And there comes this unsatisfactory sadness because we failed to achieve what we aimed for. And after a lot of thought, we decide to do that the other way. The way not chosen that often. The way which is rather useless in the eyes of others. 

We look forward to the opinion of those who have never walked down that way. The opinion of those who are judgemental without knowing. The opinion of people who question your capability to achieve. 

why we look through their eyes ? I wonder. 

It is because we trust their opinion more than ours. It is because their opinion means more to us than our capabilities. It is because we chose them to define us rather than holding our pen to write our story our way. 

If only we bend our head and look towards the road upside down, it is then will we realise that it is nothing but difference of opinion. It is nothing but difference in vision.

We did not lose our capability but rather we changed our way to define us. 

It is tough to understand and more tough to believe that just because we lost it one of does not mean that was the only way. 

Sometimes not getting something means we are in to achieve something even better, the other way. And way will result to be the best possible one. 

It is hard to flush out those negative thoughts. It is even harder to view thoughts, differently. But that does not conclude that it isn’t possible. 

Sometimes what we don’t achieve is better for us than having achieved it. 

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