2018 reading resolution – Top 5 Wednesday 

Happy New Year! 

Even though I’m scared and not happy with this fast paced change in the days but I hope you all have a blessed year 2018

So, as usual – with new year comes new resolution. And I have a few to name it. 

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge 

I have decided to read 70 books this year. Last time it was 50 and I achieved it. Aiming high to read worthy reads. I secretly want to be that person who reads 100 books a year. 

2. To read more classics and literary fiction

 I want read more classics because I have to read more classics as I’m doing MA this year as well preparing for NET. 

Also, I want to read variety. 

3. To annotate more 

I have started annotating books only last year and I seek a lot pleasure doing it because the book then feels my own. My own priced possession.  But as much as I want to , I don’t really do that much often because I’m lazy. 

But this year I want to convert it into a habit. 

4. To read 50 – 70 pages daily

I think it is more important to read consistently than reading to achieve numbers. And even though I want to read more but my that aim would eventually be fulfilled when I will read daily. Also being an English Literature major, i want to make it habit. 

5. To read more poetry 

As most of you are aware that I write poetry but this year I would like to give more time in reading it. 

because it will improve me as a writer. 
That is it for my resolution. Let me know what are your reading resolution. 
* This was prompt from a Goodreads group ‘ Top 5 Wednesday ‘ hosted every week by Sam from @thoughtsontombs 

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