Almost August / recalling where I have been in the past few months of absence/

Is it just me or this year is flying away for all of us. I’m sure my brother does not feel this way because 12th. ( terror )

I’m bad guys , like it’s finally proven.*sighs* I never keep up my promises of being punctual. I so want you to talk to you all. But it never happens.

But here I confess, I have in a real bad shape of mind these past months. it’s still the same but I think this blog will come up as a good distraction. Hope so.

I know you guys will hate be by now. trust me people , you cannot hate me more than I hate myself. it’s just so much in my head that sometimes it just stops working.

it was so so bad

  1. writers block : the mother of all problems creative. I was craving creativity. like seriously and it did not happen. nothing was happening. Remember I told that I was working on a zine. I tried  so hard but nothing happen. no poetry. not even able to write reviews forget the book i was working on. I was the epitome of worse.
  2. following the same routine for past year over and over again breaks you. yes it was last July that i left home to travel for fun. which was not much for either. but there was a change. and since then I’m home bound. and it is finally starting to get frustrating. the bucket of patience is finally flowing. Unending.
  3. did not get admission in the course I desired. more pain added to my desire of finally going out.
  4. I’m sorry. these are not excuses but situation.

what i plan on doing ?

  1. pending review
  2. more reading
  3. more Instagram post
  4. zine making
  5. journal idea
  6. August-o-wrimo ( finally writing my books first draft this month )
  7. writing more poetry

what I want you to do ?

please don’t leave me alone in this cruel world full of expectation. Your love and support is what keeps me going.

Love ya!


Quote of the day : 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 
― Maya Angelou


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  1. I do think this year is flying a bit. 😭 It’s like AUGUST and I haven’t done hardly any of my goals, ahhhhh. But I hope your writers’ block leaves soon! Writers block sucks the worst of all bleh.

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