Let’s talk about being plus size

I used to love hearing these beautiful compliments from people who have seen me grow up; telling me I was ‘cute little chubby baby’

And all i can do is face it with a smile but regret the time i’m in now. I wonder how things have changed. 

I wonder how I have changed from ‘cute chubby baby’ to ‘lose some weight’ and you will look prettier. 

I don’t think, I can understand the idea of ‘pretty’. Ever. 

Is being pretty all about looking pretty and in shape ?

Isn’t it something that comes from within? That spark in your smile when you feel overwhelmed with joy after helping someone in need. Also, why do people believe that being plus size is a choice. 

There is this constant pressure of losing weight as if it was our choice to gain it. With all the hardwork that we put on trying to be healthy, it should be appreciated, because if you do not see – people who are fat actually kill a lot of their happiness and joy off, to be able to reach a certain goal. 

We do not expect compliments as to say ‘you look like a ballerina or you will once you lose some more ?’

What we want is that smile of appreciation– that’s all that works for us to work hard everyday. 

The goal is to eat healthy and be healthy. And if healthy comes with a little loss in weight, be it. Sometimes to achieve something there is a need to work harder. 

Body shaming lowers a person’s self esteem. There is bullying of all sorts for people too fat or just fat. Or people too thin or just slim. 

I don’t understand why do people find it funny to degrade someone in their own eyes. And then there are people who say they are not happy. How can you expect happiness when you snatch an inch of it from someone else’s peace of mind?

I hope you all receive those kind smiles so that you can look beyond your hurdles everyday in hope that everything will fall into place when the time is right. 

Spread love.  Not hate. 

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