Blog Tour : The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hynotik by David Arnold – Review

The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hynotik by David Arnold was provided to me by PRH International as an invitation to participate in the book tour. I would like to thank them for approaching me with this wonderful opportunity.

⭐⭐⭐/ 5 stars

This book justified it’s title, it was both strange and fascinating.


Published by – Viking Books for Young Readers

ISBN (9780451480477)

The story follows a boy in his sixteen, Noah and his life in Iverton along with his two best friends “delicate triangle” and their struggle to come to terms with life that is on the verge of change. But Noah’s world comes upside down when one night he follows a boy named, Circuit after which everything changes, from her best friends preferences of Fandom to her mother’s scarred faced; in the chaos of all these things what does not change is his four Fascinations.

The books then explains the idea of coming to terms with strange idea and fascination that comes with change.

Going into this book I was sure that I was up for some strange adventurous ride. It deals with some deeper topics that one deals with daily. The fear of change and the need of it.

It is a thought provoking read, which makes one focus on the details in our lives which we miss more often than not.

I loved how innvoative and well researched this book was. There were ton of references and just as precise. The idea of coincidence or obviousness is well narrated through words.

The writing was as easy as it was difficult. Sometimes it got flowery and other times it felt like info-dumped.

The characters were unique but not the ones that you can root for. They were complex just as their situation was. I was not much fan of anyone, anyway. And for me characters play a major role. It is through them that we connect to the plot. The plot was fascinating but felt a little dragged sometimes.

This book is hard to get into. It takes a lot of time. But eventually, it gets interesting mid way. It would want you to want more.

Finally, I liked but did not loved it. It is not for everyone. Especially hard for people who are far away from various fandom and music world ( slightly )

I loved the book references though, how Noah was so into his favourite authors and so was his sister in her favourite movie actress. Their inclination towards them made me want to get crazy for mine.

In all, pick this up if you have read David Arnold’s book previously. Pick this up if you are ready for some fascinating plot, detailed writing and usual characters.

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