Currently Reading – December 2017 – week one!               1st – 10nth

The end of November really got me into momentum. And I have been reading bits and pieces , here and there from the very starting of december. 

I’m currently in the middle of two books.


I’m just a chapter in this one and the premise seems interesting. 

It is about wedding and family and issues – all those things which makes a good moral like story. 

Seeking of learning something from it. 


I started this book knowing nothing about it. And I’m 40 pages in – and actually pushing through it. 

I don’t think I’m enjoying it as much as I wanted to.  Even though it has a writer aspect to the story – where one of the main lead is a writer. 

But I’m so confused and not enjoying it for now. Let’s see what comes after 100 pages. 


What are you reading currently ?

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