Hello June!

Hey everyone!

I hope you have had a wonderful year till now. As we enter the sixth month of the year which trails line of half passing year. I congratulate you for surviving.

I have had a lot of busy time in the past six months , from endless stress to perform well to finally giving my final exam for my bachelor’s.  Also, preparing for my master’s program. I hope I get in somewhere.

I finally reached a 3K Mark in my bookstagram which is mind blowing. I’m happy that I’m getting followers everyday even if I’m losing a lot of them as well. But I’m thank full to those who have stayed.

Thank you

I had my birthday last Monday on 29th and I finally graduated on the same day, which is memorable. I opened my self hosted blog in may which I’m happy about but I need to keep working to make it a better place.


So, now that it’s June. I have some ideas in my head and my way of attending this month.

– As you all I have been busy with exams and graduation lately, that is the reason I haven’t been able to read many books.

But I plan on reading a lot because publishers around the globe have been very kind to me.

– Also, we have Ramdan going on in this month so , I will be reading and focusing more on reading Quran and praying in this pious month. Ramdan Mubarak!

Ramdan Mubarak

– I also have a journal Idea in mind. By which I mean that I will give a section of this blog to journal promt of the month and will provide you with a hashtag to post using that. Then I will feature some best pictures and messages  on my blog,  every month. This way we all get to improve ourselves as well as will have a purpose full journal to keep. Because I know the struggle.


– Finally, I’m planning to finish writing the book I have been writing for five years now. The work is really close to me. And I would like to let people know about it.


So, that’s it!

Let’s share!

Tell me –

How your past six months of 2017 were and how you plan to move ahead with the month of June ? Let’s chit chat and make some bonds shall we ?

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  1. Ah it’s been an eventful six months. Career-wise I’ve made great progress. I also finally got my passport stamped. Dubai, baby!!! Reading wise not so much. I think I’m in a block.

    1. Ah. Congrats on all the achievement. It’s nice to hear. And reading has been a bit dull for me as well. I hope it gets better for both of us. 😊

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