How to read more ?

There is this inner struggle among readers to read more. And just to be clear I’m talking about reading more not reading faster.

Because I believe everyone is different when it comes reading. Some are slow and some are super slow. And some are faster than usual. 

But what we need to focus is reading.

 I’m no expert. I read five to six books a month. And sometimes more or less. But I do find myself capable of sharing my ideas and ways that one can use to give more time to do something we love. 

🕯read everyday

And before the state start that we are too busy in our lives, then I would suggest do not read further. Because if we seriously care about reading then only can you achieve it. 

No body has time if they really look deeper in your lives; but I try everyday to at least read thirty pages. Your need not to be thirty, it can be ten. But reading everything is the key to read more. 

🕯read what interests you the most 

There are always people following a trend. Just because a particular book is famous; they want to read that too. It is fine until it is something you do not like reading.  For instance, if a horror book is getting all the hype. But I’m someone who does not read it. So I would rather avoid reading it despite it being a bestseller. 

🕯always carry a book along with you

I know. I know. This advice is very cliched but if we look deeper it is the least followed one. Even I’m not able to do it more often than not. 

If you are going out on a coffee date, great. Have a book with you in any form; by form I mean ebook, audiobook or a physical book. You can eventually read it on the way. Or even when you are waiting for someone. And there is no issue if you find no time at all. 

Carrying a book will eventually lead you to find time for it. 

🕯Make time to read 

When I say time, I mean little minutes here and there. For instance, when I’m usually boiling rice, I try to read two to three pages and then go back to work. So, it is always about priorities.  I could have searched through Instagram rather than reading. 

🕯try to read multiple books 

now before anyone say anything. This one is optional and do it only if you are comfortable. 

I used to be someone who use to do nothing from above and especially not this. But I made it a habit. 

And the best way to do it is to read multiple books in different forms, for instance – an ebook and a physical book or a physical book and an audiobook. 

or anything that suits you. 

🕯challenge yourself

this might not be applicable for everyone. But works for me. I put a number of books every year on Goodreads ( if you don’t know about goodreads what have you been doing all this while? huh! )

Last year it was 50 books and I achieved it. This year it is 70 books and I have already read 8 books. So I’m happy with my progress. 

But the means of challenging i am definitely  not saying to tire yourself of that stress to achieve a certain goal. 

🕯Set a tbr ( to be read )

This option does not work for everyone. It sometimes does not work for me. But I would suggest this, to be an option if you starting off as a reader. Or if you are coming back to reading. 

Setting a TBR at the back of your mind can actually bring less stress to your mind. If you know the two books you want to read this one, you do not have stress about what to read every now and then. 

Reading is a hobby which I love doing, that is why I find time to do it everyday. If this is something which you are not that particular about. You don’t have to do it just because the world around you is doing it. 

🕯 These tips work for me and they might not work for you. Let me know some of your ways to read more.  What are you reading currently ?

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