June Break! 

We are officially in the seventh month of the year. And as always, the year flew away like sand grains. 

I did a tiny bit of reading. And I’m already five books behind in my Goodreads reading challenge. This mainly because I suffered from reading slump twice or thrice this year. And it is annoying even to think. 

I’m also frustrated because I did not reach the goal of being active on my blog. As in June, I was on some TV series marathon. 

I watched ‘ The Vampire Diaries’ ,’ The Originals’ and ‘Thirteen Reason Why ‘ back to back. So I was too busy to even read. 

P.S  I haven’t read the book of Thirteen Reason why by Jay Asher.  Should I ?

I did not touch my journal, which I’m really sad about. I also feel so frustrated because I did not end up writing a single word for my book, even when I planned. 

What is wrong with me ?

Freak out!


I hope you all had a wonderful month of June. I wish to see you around. 

How did you guys spent the month of June? 

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