MINI REVIEWS – Copycat, Sweet Bean Paste and A Tragic Kind Of Beautiful

Copy Cat by Alex Lane


many of you all know if you have been following me on Instagram that I had been on a bit of a reading slump quite recently. I literally picked so many books before finishing copycat.

my cousins read this before me and recommended me to read something as gripping as this book. Turns out, they were not wrong. It was Copycat that broke my slump and build a reading ride for me.

Why you should read CopyCat ?

Because it will help you break that reading slump that is making you feel terrible. ( my friend read this while she had that too, so it works only if you are into thrillers )

it is so damn fast paced and will play with your head.

Even though I guessed the culprit by the middle of it because of my intelligence ( applaud, kidding :p) but it was definitely a hell of a ride, and no one except me ( including my sisters and friends ) were able to guess it. So you really have to dig deeper in your head to find it before the reveal. And I love me some psychological thriller.

It is very basic thriller but is creepy. like literally creepy if you imagine something like a fake you messing with your head all the time. It brings chill to your heart just by thinking about it.

Read If you love psychological thriller and letters and memory thingy. Just read this okay. And you will know why I say why to read this.

Lovely characters, amazing plot and very direct and gripping writing style. You will finish this in no time.

Sweet bean paste by Durian


The sweetest book I have read so far, I guess in my reading history. So warm and full of magical words. It is a translation from japanese, and it is so full of delight.

The warmth that you feel after reading a manga or watching an anime, you will just get everything in this tiny and beautiful book.

The characters were so nice and beautiful. The writing was so serene and wonderful. The relationship between characters were so real and magical. So true. The plot was so heartwarming. I cried. I cried reading this one. I cannot recommend this enough.

You know there are some books that feel like home. This was one such book. You return home when you return to them.

Would love to read more Japanese fiction.

Highly recommend.

A tragic kind of wonderful by Eric Lindstrom


I was in doubt when I started this. I didn’t know if I will get to the end. But once I kept going. It kept getting better. Not gonna lie, but at first the characters might feel a bit mouthful. But then everything gets clearer as the book progresses.

The book has all good elements; laughter, tragedy. Intense movements. Representation for bisexual, lesbian and bipolar disorder.

I love how different and important every friendship was for Mel. Like, everyone had their own place.

There was stupidity and indecisiveness that comes with Teenage. There were wrong decisions made and regretted.

I absolutely loved Mel’s job to serve the elderly. Like, something that i would love to do.

And Daniel was an absolute charm to hear. His funny dialogues made me smile.

The ending was hopeful. And I loved that about it. That there is so many tragedy mentioned but the message that it conveys it that one can always start over.

“Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back is a tragedy. A fantasy is having someone understand the real you and love you anyway

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