my journey with journaling. 

it started with Dear Diary, an obsession to document my life, not knowing what i wanted to write about. how I wanted to write it. It just happened out of an obsession with Anne Frank. 

but my life was simple. It had a routine. to wake up for school, go to school , come back ,take bath, have lunch , sleep if you want to or do your homework. And then study in the evening. 

And this routine kept on going and going. But there were some days with stuff happening. But I never captured my feels and thoughts in it. 

And then I stopped writing. And started writing poetry. My poems back then captured my frustration and my alone time during high school. It was the worst time I had. 

I had no friends and the whole Bollywood idea of childhood friends was failing for me. 

And then i decided to write a book. This had been my dream. I want a book under my name. A book that make people feel something. 

That book is still in the making. I have lost it in thoughts and regained it. 

But inspite of all what remained with me was my writing – my personal diary to poetry – to writing novel – to back on writing poetry – writing reviews now. 

As I write this post, I come to a realisation – that writing has been a huge part of me ever since. earlier , I use to read those written words and now I want to write them too. 

But thought of journaling, creating, documenting never left my mind. I just lost and gained my motivation and inspiration to do it. 

It was then I came across this beautiful place called social media. And saw people creating art through their journal. – 

I decided to give it try. I made some pages of art – which I adored. And then I added my personal feelings to it by writing about days I felt something. So the days of creative feeling got combined with days of thoughtful feeling along with poetry and quotes. 

( recent entry )

And they are still on. And I’m happy more than ever doing this. 

Because, earlier – I took that as a chore. And now create it out of hobby. Along with my passion to create something. 

And I don’t think I can leave writing ever. 
Do you document your life in some way? 

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