November Reading Wrap Up – 2017

November started off on a low note but with high expectation. If you have seen my tbr, you will either laugh or be a lot disappointed. 

But I’m happy. 

I did not read or started a single book until 20th of November. Yeah. I know. 

And I was so sad and frustrated – thinking this could be the reading slump. I wanted to reach my Goodreads goal – so I was pretty terrified. Until I finished my first book on a deadline. 


I got an e-arc for ‘ the hanging girl by Eileen Cook. Which was soon on the verge of expiration. 

But I did It absolutely enjoyed the journey through it. 

It gave me Riverdale vibes to be honest. O ne should definitely pick this up. 4.5/5 ⭐



I read this book as an ebook to. Thanks to NetGalley, for some of the finest reads. 

It was as it seems cute YA romance but even though the plot was cliched but the concept was not. 

The whole idea of fractal and not been able to touch was very nicely done. 

3.5/5 ⭐




The last book in my wrap up was an impulse pick because it seemed short and reachable. 

It was a prequel to ‘ the Good Daughter ‘ by Karin Slaughter. 

I found it good introduction to the backstory of our lawyer protagonist ‘ Charlie Quinn ‘ she was very well written about. 

But as far as the plot goes, it was just Okay. It did not blow my mind. Can’t say if I will pick the main book.  2/5 ⭐

As it seems, Karin is well praised thriller writer, maybe in future. I may give it another go. 

And maybe you might like this. But personally, I won’t recommend this one. 


And with this November came to close with satisfactory smile swayed all the way. I was very uncertain but it came out well. 

Hoping December to be even better. Talk to you in the comments. 

Happy Reading !


What did you read in November ?

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