October Reading Wrap Up, 2017

This October, was my best reading month of forever. I read 7 books and enjoyed almost all of them.

  1. The secret history of us by Jessi Kirby

I loved this book. It has such  beautiful writing, deals with some heavy topic of memory loss.


2. Wuthering heights by Emily Bronte 

One of my favourite classic which I struggled to start off with but this time I finished in no time. And wanted more of it.

Emily Bronte has such a beautiful writing style as well plot narration skills. With all those Gothic romance voice. I love the characters and how there personality was laid out. It might have surpassed my love for  Jane Eyre. 

But one should not compare two sisters work as they have different plot lines.

3. The House at 758 by Kathryn Berla

This book is short but impactful. The storyline may feel very obvious but there is a suspenseful element in it.

I loved the plot and more than that I like the characters relationship with one another. Especially, of Chad and Krista & Grandfather and Krista.

I was recalled about my memories with my grandfather as I’m a lot close to him.

And at the end of it, I love how the author manage to add so much in less than 200 pages. Also, the historical element.

This book is short but deep.


4. Moonrise by Sarah Crossan 

This was my first free verse book and it stole my heart. It was so full of emotional punch yet with much little words as compared to full novel.


5. The One by John Marrs 

I’m not much of a thriller person. But this was such a new kind of narrative style. And I loved the whole theme of it.

Never read about DNA in a book of fiction which gained my attention this much.


6. It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne

This book talks about how cliched romantic films are so unreal. But this book itself felt like watching a movie.

It has some hilarious yet so emotional moments.  It’s a fun and thought provoking read.


 7. Cat’s Wisdom by Neil Somerville

this book for ever cat lover. Even though I don’t own a cat but reading this felt like owning one. 


 As you can see. I read such brilliant book this month. How about you?

And what are your plans for November ?

I’m going to do some writing because Nanowrimo. Are you participating ?

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