Poetry roundup – January 2018 

It is very recently that I started posting my poetic prose on my instagram page @rimshascorner 

The only reason was that I was terrified of posting it online and to be honest , I still am. 

On January 5th of 2018, I gathered my courage to upload something that just came to me while having lunch; wrote it, clicked it and posted it. 

It was in the evening when I checked my likes reaching 175. I was very happy. 

But with the span of 30mins it reached 300 and kept on increasing. 

By midnight they reached 1K which was insane and I was so so grateful. And I still am. That motivation led to more poetry post and the result is insanely positive. Alhamdulillah. By the morning, it reached over 3K. Yay!

These lines came to me on a simple thought because I was craving to write yet was not able to frame anything until I wrote this. 

And once again, my last poem of the month reached more than 3K likes. I’m overwhelmed with joy. 

This was a month of posting poetry. I will try and document it every month. I hope it speaks to you as it does to me. 

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