STRANGER THINGS – Season Two – views (spoilers) 

 I watched this in a day. It was so good. The whole tv show is so good. I love those show with small town bonds. 

The second season started right off with different location and different people, whom I did not like those Kali and Xo. I was reminded of how season one started. 

But then we meet Dustin and her mom finally, last season I was a bit uncomfortable when I found not a single glimpse of Dustin and Lucas’s parents. But this season at we got to know that they have one. 

We find these kids, bonding up over a video game and then finding this mysterious madmax. I thought the story will revolve around Madmax but then we see, Will having this vision of upside down, totally changing the game. 

It was good to actually and have a sense that their life has actually moved forward. Like, it did not felt as new as in season one. Obviously, that was what one want with season two’s – that belonging and that bond which was created or rather shown to be magnified. 

We got to see some school scenes, especially the class one when apart from these four everyone is interested in Mr. Clark’s teaching. 

Also, special mention to Erica, Lucas’s sister. She is hilarious. 

Then there is this very natural portrayal of Will’s mom getting all paranoid and watching him everytime. Pretty, natural. 

We get to see a new character Bob, who was apparently Will’s mom class fellow. He is actually pretty cool. Like in a sweet sense. It was good to see her get on with her life. 

Dustin bringing home, Dart was so hilariously not proper. He is insane, I tell you but soo cute. But Dart ate Mews, I cannot ignore that. That was sooo wrong. 

That scene when Bob teaches Will to actually, be brave when the nightmare comes, and then he actually does which actually turns out pretty bad as it goes into him. That was pretty terrifying. Also, when they find him in the field- still and motionless. 

It was so emotional when he said to his mom, that he can feel that thing all over him. 

All this while, you are wondering where Eleven is then you see her with the best person ever. Hopper. Wasn’t that the best thing ever. But they starting to have some arguments, I was so worried that they both will lose each other. Ah. 

And then when you least expect, Hopper gets into real trouble. I was so terrified wondering if anyone will get to know about him at all. I did not wanted to die. 

But then thanks to Will’s dream or as they say new memories, we finally save him. Also, I loved how adorable Bob was when he helped them so that map thing that Will saw in his new memories. I did not wanted him to die but I knew he would. 

 That scene when Mike narrated the story about how he and Will became friends. That was emotional. And you can see how they both a bond apart from all four. 

Will really had some terrifying scenes this season. When he cries, it hurts – you just want to help him right then and there. “he likes it cold” – so many different dimensions to his actings. Commendable. 

On the other hand, I loved that finding home aspect to Eleven’s plot line. First, Hopper says this was her home. And then she feels imprisoned there and runs off to find her mother, when she thinks is her home. And then runs to find her sister, Kali – and she says this could be her new home. ( I disliked Kali, by the way ). She was so dominating and not likeable. It was as if she found a cookie in Eleven, who she can use. That was so not proper. 

And then I was so happy when Eleven, decides to go back to save her friends – I was like you go girl. Also, her dialogues with the lady on the bus – where she says I’m going to my friends, I’m going home. 

This season definitely had some deep conversation. The one that Hopper has with Eleven, as they are headed to the lab. Stupid – sums it all i guess. It was soo good. 

Also, Mike and Eleven’s reunion. “I never gave up on you” ah. And then he broke down in front of Hopper – that was so heartfelt. 

The teamwork at the end. Can’t we all just stop and admire all the teamwork that took place at the end of both the seasons. Also, the intelligence of these little nerds. 

 Maxine’s brother was so annoying. I don’t know what he thought of himself because that was so hateful. Also, that scene with Mike’s mother and him. On the other hand, Maxine’s coming out of her innerp rage at the end was so classy. 

That car ride with Steve all bruised was so hilarious. I loved how all of them worked together in the end. I think, Steve’s character development is the best one. He was genuinely in love with Nancy. 

And then all he did with Dustin, that was so adorable. Also, there adventure in that bus, that trap that they laid and Steve being all heroic, going after those as Dustin say ‘Demodog‘ – I loved that. I would love to see more Dustin and Steve’s brother bond in the future.  

Nancy and Johnathan, I don’t know what to say about them but I was beyond happy when Nancy came dance with Dustin. He was so happy and so wanted some joy. I don’t know i just connected with him then. Somehow. 

And last but not the least, Jane Hopper. Yay! This was sooooo good for both of them. 
 I’m already re-watching all these episodes again, I certainly cannot get enough of these bond that they have. 

Waiting for season 3, – the wait is long but worth it. 
What do you think about Stranger Things – season two ? 

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