STRANGER THINGS – Season One – views (spoilers) 


I finally watched Stranger Things too late but I did it. After a lot of asking from my friends and cousins, I did the inevitable. 

No, Just Exaggerating. 

I went into this did not expecting much. I went into this knowing nothing at all. And oh yes, I felt every emotions watching this. 

The first scene where a scientist is running towards an elevator did not peaked my interest at all but what actually made me wanted to keep watching it were these three adorable bunch of our heroes – Mike, Lucas and Dustin. 

We don’t see much of the fourth one as he is the one who goes missing, Will. But these three were amazing. I loved how different their role was and still the same. They each had a brain that worked differently yet also, together. They were the best lot. 

The best part of their friendship was that they differed from one another – not like agreeing to each one’s every decision. 

      (He is probably my funniest favorite)

Too adorable. 

Then they meet Eleven, the mysterious boy like girl who apparently has super powers. I was not sure about her at first, to judge if she is good or bad but when Mike sets her up in a bed and she cries, out of joy or sadness – I felt she has been mistreated. 

The flashbacks that she has when she was been experimented upon, that really made us sympathies with her more. 

She was such an innocent pie – I wanted to hug her. Her not knowing what friends are and then using “friends don’t lie” later through their disagreements really made my heart melt. 

I cried through that scene when they found, Will’s body – and Lucas says “it’s really him” I somewhere knew he is not and he can’t be. 

And then Mike, yelled at Eleven – shouting back that she was supposed to help them find Will alive. That Scene! Ah. On the other spectrum, Will’s mother going all insane,talking to him somehow through lights was kind of scary. 

Then all those writing the alphabets on the wall and talking to him and he says – Run.

And then she runs into Johnathan – who is just so tragic to look at. It is as if nothing has ever been right in his life. 

The whole scene where he was looking at Will’s picture for the posters and he cries thinking it was his fault – as he was supposed to be there with him at night. That was melting. 

I get it, it was not right of him to click Nancy’s picture – I did not like Steve and friends breaking his camera,knowing how many pictures of his life was there. Also, he could not afford another. 

The constant commenting on his brother being, Lost or dead by Steve’s friend was just not proper. 

Also, the Troy lot that bullied Mike and his friends, as they laughed at the special assembly for Will. That was just – argh. 

But I loved how Eleven, gave him what he deserved. Also, when Dustin and Mike go out to search for Eleven – after a fight. And this Troy bullies them again, and forces Mike to jump- it was epic seeing how Eleven saved them. 

( I loved this scene so much ) 
And then there was this Hopper – crazy policeman with a depth in his character and an emotional past. He gets caught, all the time I just wanted him to leave that freaking lab. Also, that time when cotton comes out of Will’s body, or fake body. That was…. 

I’m not much fond of Nancy, also, how insane she reacted at Steve’s place, with Barbara. But it was good to see a human side when she reached out Johnathan and they both work to fight the evil. 

I hated Steve up until his fight with Johnathon but his transformation with offering a hand to wipe that movie board and then coming to help Nancy and Johnathan as they were outnumbered to find that monster. It was good. 

Also, when she and Mike, finally have some brother- sister bond. It was good to see. And finally, Eleven’s last goodbye you, all she wanted was a caring family and acceptance. I wish she could stay with Mike’s family. I want her back. 

I’m thank full that Johnathan got a new camera as a gift, this was a beginning of a new Steve or let’s just say his actual human nature. And Nancy’s care for human emotions, somehow. 

You get it right ? I make no sense here –

  do I ?

The ending was okay, overall, I enjoyed this more because of the characters bond with one another and their attitude for giving everything for their loved ones/friend was what I enjoyed more over the major plot line. 

PS. The Sound Effects were brilliant.  

Would recommend it though, if you enjoyed watching ‘Stand by Me’ the classic movie with kids on adventure. It’s a delight. 

What do you think about Stranger Things – season 1 ? Please do not spoil me for season two. 

*I took all the pictures from Google.

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  1. Aaahh I’m so glad you watched it! I agree with you completely. The characters and their relationship with each other is really nice. I liked the plot as well. Good luck for season 2! 😉

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