#011 Thoughtful Thursday – change yourself to be better

“yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. today i’m wise, so I’m changing myself” – Rumi 
there is this constant struggle to be better. As if we were worse and were a thrown in a trash can – with smell and jell all over. :/

Before we actually wish to be better, do we question as to what better we want to be. Is it being a better version of what we are now or a better version of what people around want us to be. 

But I don’t blame you for thinking or not thinking about it. As we receive so many thoughts, suggestions, advice, and Dream throughout a day, week, month and year; that we forget the original idea , or thoughts or wish or  dream – that we thought of achieving before any of the addition were made to it.

But as there always are some drawbacks to this running world. Everyone pacing after another. 

We are in a race but we don’t realise that we are losing this grip – which once kept us firm.  

We want to do everything, instantly. As if time is running, and if we don’t hold that now we will lose it forever. 

I agree. 

Time is precious and running – but you know what, it is running because  you are running before it. 

Have you ever noticed the time when we are in exam hall, unable to answer a particular question. And you keep on checking your watch, and still find the same time over and over again. Same in a class before recess. 

But the classes that you enjoy and are emersed in feel like flying.  

So, at the end of it all. 

I think before trying to be better if there is one thing that we need to do first is to appreciate what we have and give some time to it. 

The progress follows along, there is no need for declaration. 

And if you look closely to all these past years of your life, at the end of it all – you are a better version of yourself as you carry a bag full of experience with you. Every second is an experience. 


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