#010 Thoughtful Thursday – understanding

“understanding is an art and not everyone is an artist ” – unknown

We all have said this at least once in our lives, that no one understands us. That nobody gets what I go through, what I meant to say and what I thought. 
Understanding is essential to survive but,

 have you ever sat with this thought that what exactly is this understanding after all?
Is it knowing that what you speak is being listened ?  Or is it knowing that what you don’t speak is being heard ?
It varies from person to person. Someone prefer being listened whereas on the other hand someone prefers being heard. 
But after all this telling and being understood, does one satisfy it’s expectation of being understood. 
No. Because the thing with expectation is that it keeps on pilling up one after the other. 

And thus we are never satisfied. 
Sometimes we want that deep understanding which can be received by only a few of the people, because not  everyone is a master of understanding things, so there is no assurance that you words will be understood the way you want it, if you want it. 
That is where you need to get this thing in your head. We have read, heard and talked about how expectations leads to disappointment more often than not. 
So why is there a need to run after expectations and why don’t we try to learn the art of understanding ourselves for ourselves. 
No one is a better judge  of what we want and why we want it than us. 
When we are making a point to be understood, we are already half way through the process of understanding. 
We do not need people to stamp our thoughts and make it authentic, we need our thoughts and mark them authentic before putting it out in public. 

Understanding is an art that can be learned not to prove something but to be something. 

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  1. I dunno how….. but everytime I find my feelings being so beautifully and so efficiently portrayed in your words!!!…as though it is written just for me :-$
    words cannot define how much I am lucky to have you as a friend

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