Top 5 reads of 2017- ( Sept – Dec )

This year has been my best of year of reading so far. I read some amazing books. 

Found some favourites. And I would like to share some of my favourites this year. 

I made another blog post earlier this year, telling you about my favourites of first half of the year.


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 

I read my second Bronte of the year. And absolutely fell in love with it again. One must not compare Charlotte with Emily’s writing because they are entirely different. 

And I absolutely adored the atmospheric aura that wuthering heights created. It may be hard to start off with but once you are in it, you are going to emerse in it. 

Try it on audiobooks. It is amazing. 


The House at 758 by Kathryn Berla

 This is a small yet beautiful novella that I absolutely loved, because it is so simple yet emotional. And you feel for your characters. 

Pick this up if you want to spend your time with homely characters and adorable relationships. 



   Moonrise by Sarah Crossan 

This was my first novel written in verse. And it was all I expected. Impactful, emotional and fast paced. 

I got through it in a day. And did not wanted to leave it even for a second. It is beautiful and painful in some way. 



The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby

This book is beautifully written. Very descriptive. And lovely characters which very thoughtfully written. 

It deals with memory loss. And I’m all about memory



    The One by John Marrs

 It is an amazing thriller which will keep you guessing till the very end. Im not much of a thriller reader but this book got me into reading them. And I am amazed how I enjoy reading them so much. 

Pick this up. Its a page turner which will keep you hanging till the very end. 
Other honourable mentions : 

Don’t forget to check these too. I love them too.  They are still in my memory. 

Note –  the list of thr books mentioned above are in no particular order. They were my favourite throughout – no less no more. Other will be stated in my review. 

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Happy Reading

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