Why I Recommend : A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini ?

A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini

I read this book a long way back. Probably when I made reading a priority. And as it has been said enough; I was devastated.

I felt all the pain and words all at once, how beautifully tragic this story was. The characters went through so much. And it felt as if I as a reader went through the same thing. For me, if a writer can make you feel everything the character is feeling. That is beyond wonderful.

I learned so much from this gem.

I know people who have read this and not have read anything for years after then, because they couldn’t. The impact of this story was so prominent. It such a painfully powerful story.

Why you should read it ?

  1. Because it will stop you to realise how grateful you are. Everything is so easy and your circumstances so much easier.

  2. Because it will teach you to treat everyone as beautifully as you want to feel yourself.

  3. Because it will make you learn the importance of love and friendship; of having someone in your life to respect you.

  4. Because it will help you see how blessed you are to have so much more.

  5. Because it will make you want to respect your family more, for you will understand that no one loves you more than them. That you are happy to have them.

  6. Because it will make you cry like you will never stop. That life is so much better, where you are. And it could be made more wonderful, with love, kindness and a little gratitude each day.

  7. Because it will teach you to never lose hope. To never stop believing in yourself.

You will love it if you enjoy;

  1. Character driven story. If you are interested in the character and their story.

  2. If you can read slow paced read.

  3. If you enjoy historical/literary fiction.

  4. If you love a book that makes you cry.

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